Kidney Disease Screening

Programme on Kidney Diseases and Non-Communicable Divisions

Health may be identified as a basic requirement to lead a happy life. Physical as well as mental health is an essential factor to ensure healthy life identifiably Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) being increasingly reported today has had an impact on the above aspects of life. 

There is a tendency to fall victims to Non-Communicable Diseases regardless of social standing, age and gender differences.  Disparities in the consumption patterns, social behavior brought about by advances in technology as well as unhygienic practices etc. may be described as basic causativefactors. It is imperative that the future generation is made accustomed to a healthy life style in order to save them from this calamity with end in view, certain special activities have been identified to be launched targeting schools children under the sustainable school programme.  It is expected that this programme would help to raise awareness ofschool children at school level on healthy life styles thereby bringing about a behavioural and social change in them. As the problem is primarily designed to uplift a healthy community of school children who are the future generation and the life line of the country transmitting this message from school to the home.This programme isexpected to create a sustainable village imbued with good healthy habits and practices.

Objectives :

  • Bringing about  a positive behavioural change in school children
  • Raising awareness on prevention of non-communicable diseases including kidney disease

Programmes to be launched :

  1. Launching awareness raising programmes at school level
  2. Providing facilities for potable water and sanitation for every school
  3. Providing, the schools with health promotional facilities as identified depending on the requirements.

Guidelines :

Serial  No. Activities Responsibility

Supporting  Parties

5.1 Conducting  awareness-raisingprogrammes at school level
  5.1.1. Raising awareness of  the teacher in charge of the prevention of kidney diseases at provincial/district levels in relatingprogramme Provincial Health  office, Provincial Education office Health Education Bureau
  5.1.2. Developing awareness of the school children on non-communicable diseases Kidney Disease Prevention Committee Trained Teachers Zonal Director of Education ; Divisional Medical Officer of Health
  5.1.3. Raising awareness the Teacher in  Charge of Committee on Food and Nutrition ( at district level) Provincial Ministry of Education Ministry of  Rural Economic Affairs, Health Education Bureau
  2.2.7. Raising awareness of the children and parents on nutrition at school level Trained Teachers, Divisional Medical Officer  of Health Sustainable School Committee

Compiling and printing suitable posters and booklets on developing awarenessof school children.

Health Education Bureau Provincial Secretariat

Providing facilities for potable water and sanitation for every school

  5.2.1. Identifying schools with no supply of  pure potable water Ministry of Education  
  5.2.2. Providing water supply for such schools Kidney Disease Prevention Unit of the Presidential Secretariat Water Supply and Drainage Board, Sri Lana Navy
  5.2.3. Identifying schools without adequate sanitary facilities Ministry of  Education  
  5.2.4. Providing Sufficient sanitary facilities Ministry of  Education  

Training Children in the practice of drinking sufficient water

Trained Teachers  

Providing the schools with identified health promotional facilities as identified depending on the requirements

  5.3.1. Identifying the necessary health promotion implements Health Education Bureau  
  5.3.2. Providing relevant equipment Presidential Secretariat, Health Education Bureau Sponsoring Organizations