Child Protection

National Programme on Child Protection

Children being a wonderful creation of the nature should always be brought up with love, affection, kindness and care of elders.  When the children who received such love and affection grow up they would be citizens who love the society and who are sensitive and having a well-developed personality.  But today, the children have become a major group among those socially disadvantaged.  As such many countries in the world have launched various plans and programmescentred on their children sponsored by leading international organizations such as UNICEF and International Labour Organization.  These progrmmes are primarily intended to ensure the safety, fundamental rights and protection of children minimizing the issues and problems they are faced with socially.  Although Sri Lanka has made such initiatives over the  the last few decades, the pressure brought to bear on children and the injustice caused, and abuse of children have faced a basic socio economic problem.

The children derive direct benefits from the free education, free health services, and other social security schemes provided by the government and for this purpose the government allocates considerable funds as recurrent expenditure from the annual budget.  However many are the instances where the children in Sri Lanka are adversely affected by various problems such as domestic harassment, sexual abuse, nutritional and health related problems, drug addiction and involvement in various crimes, falling into the custody of probation and being placed in a hapless situation due to family problems and also being disabled.  It is therefore expected to extricate children from these hapless circumstances they are faced in aid to build up a safe physical environment conducive to their mental development.


  • Creating a school environment free of accidents and disasters
  • Streamlining  student advisory service in schools
  • Developing  the reading habit
  • Developing  personality

Programmes to be launched

  1. Conducting training programmes for awareness- raising and skills development among children.
  2. Launching a special programme aimed at improving reading habit of children
  3. Development of children by adopting psychological concepts
  4. Conducting special programmes for child protection
  5. Developing leadership qualities


Serial No.






Conducting training programmes for awareness raising and skills development



Raising awareness of teachers on how to  deal with children by adoption of psychological concepts

Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education



Raising awareness of teachers who are in charge of Child Protection Committees

Presidential Secretariat , Ministry of Education

Ministry of Women and Child Affairs



Launching programmes on developing soft skills and psycho social skills of children

Ministry of Education



Briefing  one teacher selected form each school on counselling at provincial/district level and conducting training programmes

Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Health and Provincial Ministry of Education

Health Education Bureau



Identifying  the children to be referred to counselling and directing them for counselling and monitoring

Teachers  trained in counselling

Ministry of Women and Child Affairs



Launching a special programmeaimed at improving the reading habit of children



Issuing a circular on `Do you know contest’ conducted for the purpose of improving the reading habit of children and keeping all schools so informed.

Presidential Secretariat and the Ministry of Education



Selecting  students representing  school  at District Level for this competitions

Principal, The Teacher in charge  of Child Protection Committee



Conducting  a written test to select schools at district level

Ministry of Education, Provincial Ministry of Education



Conducting Tournament at National Level

Presidential Secretariat, Ministry of Education




Conducting any other special programmes for child protection



Providing  facilities for child friendly services  for young school children

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education

Child Protection Committee



Raising awareness on reproductive health

Ministry of Health, Ministry of Child Protection Committee



Briefing children on road rules and training student traffic control groups

Sri Lanka Police

Child Protection Committee



Raising awareness of drivers of school buses and vans on Child Protection

Sri Lanka Police

Sustainable Schools Committee



Improving knowledge of children on life saving first aid skills

Ministry of Science Technology and Research, Ministry of Education

Sustainable Schools Committee



Raising awareness of parents on personality development of children in the domestic environment

Health Education Bureau

Ministry of Health



Raising awareness of children on the proper use of Information Technology

Ministry of Science, Technology and Research ,Ministry of Education

Ministry of Health